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Emily Nussbaum: The Shallowness of “True Detective” – Don’t get me wrong: I love a nice bouncy rack. And if a show has something smart to say about sex, bring it on. But, after years of watching “Boardwalk Empire,” “Ray Donovan,” “House of Lies,” and so on, I’ve turned prickly, and tired of trying to […]

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American Cinematographer on The Fifth Element (1997) – Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom (Vanity Fair) – Armando Iannucci, Writer of “Veep” (New Yorker) – !!!

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Armando Iannucci: Veep-traileri (YT) – eli siis The Thick of It siirrettynä Yhdysvaltoihin The Weird World of Unseen Marvel Comics Movies – I focused primarily on the Marvel Comics movies that time forgot, by which I mean that I sought out made-for-TV projects that have been buried by Marvel and have yet to surface on […]