Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 28.01.2011 – 29.01.2011

  • Notes on Rewatching TV
  • Elia Suleiman interview – Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman makes deeply personal films that he calls “chronicles.” Aaron Cutler spoke with Suleiman about identity, camera position, and his latest, The Time That Remains, in limited release now.
  • Carlton Cuse on life after Lost
  • Christopher Sorrentino on "Death Wish," the so-called "New York film," received critical wisdom, and more – And the Death Wish review, and the follow-up feature article he wrote about it, really show you the symbiosis that took place as Canby and the choir to whom he was preaching regarded each other in a state of unanimity. He writes about it as if it's an unearthed artifact used in some primitive ritual, totally unselfconsciously referring to its audience as if it's something quite apart from his good Masterpiece Theater-loving readership. It's a bad film, Bronson is a bad actor, its politics are right-wing, it has a bad effect on its audience, it's "irresponsible." There are a thousand ways that you can eviscerate a movie, but as soon as you say that it's a threat to public morals my Geiger counter starts clicking.


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