Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 14.02.2012 – 15.02.2012

  • Jon Hamm’s True Hollywood Story – Because of the man he plays on TV, people make all kinds of crazy assumptions about him. But his "real life" is more unbelievable than you'd ever imagine.
  • David Lynch – Remain in light – Lynch is, in short, a religious or spiritual artist in the same loosely categoric sense that one might apply the term to William Blake or Tarkovsky, and the fact that this goes so often unrecognised by critics may be because the religion in question isn’t Christianity. It’s basically the Indian Vedanta, with an admixture of the somewhat cartooned gnosticism that Harold Bloom once hypothesised underlay every example of “the American religion”.
  • Cut detection experiment – You'll be shown a series of film clips from movies and asked to detect cuts. Just press the spacebar every time you see a cut. It's that simple! Or is it?
  • 22 Bonds for One Minute – YouTube


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