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  • Can Peter Berg Redeem Himself After ‘Battleship’? – The crew member began to explain. Berg silenced him with his hand. Berg put his hand to his forehead, thinking. Someone was talking. The assistant director said firmly, “Silence, please!” After a long moment Berg looked up and said, “I’d like to blow up that wall.” Someone said, “It could be expensive.” Berg asked how much, then shrugged. “O.K., just tear it up a little. Blowing it up makes me nervous.”
  • Kill The Leading Man: Two Histories of 21st Century Television | Los Angeles Review of BooksLos Angeles Review of Books – these critics are also looking at television as a broad and diverse medium. They are writing about the conventions and politics of reality TV, they are critiquing the aesthetics and assumptions of channels like Food Network and HGTV, they are advocating for under-seen programs and agitating for greater racial, sexual, and gender parity at the networks responsible for this century’s television revolution. The critical community — Sepinwall included — is not content to occupy itself merely with the canonization of Great Works or the policing of aesthetic sensibilities
  • Combining CG and hand-drawn animation in Paperman (YouTube) – "That kind of stylized photorealism can't be the only way that computer animation can look"


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