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The reasons for shooting film – 39 Movies Released in 2014 Shot on 35mm – 2015 Oscar Nominated Screenplays – The Wire’s sound editor answers questions on reddit – Kevin B Lee: What Makes a Video Essay Great? (YouTube) –

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Whatever else a kiss may be, it is for filmmakers above all a formal challenge – VFX for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with Fleischer and Ellenshaw – On the realities of writing TV comedy – But the upbeat attitude could also reflect a less positive trend in the industry: The growing need for content …

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Toiminta = komediaa, todistaa Jackie Chan (YT) – Ylen tv-kanavien johtoon nousee Duudsonien tuottaja – David Simon kertoo, miten ja miksi Wiren hd-versio esitetään eri kuvasuhteella kuin alkuperäinen – How we did the SNL title sequence –

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Paul Schrader has some advice about screenwriting – Jacques Tati: Things Fall Together – "It’s funny however many times he does it, but it’s humor that raises a smile, not a belly laugh (though with a sympathetic crowd, all those smiles can generate some volume). There isn’t really a joke there in the sense of …

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Nick Pinkerton: Why send a critic to do a fan’s job? – The Most Famous Sitcom Residences In New York City – Did you know Lucy and Desi lived on the Upper East Side? I had no idea, but apparently, their apartment was located at 623 East 68th Street. There’s just one problem – that …