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Cut to Black: ”The Sopranos” and the Future of TV Drama: Table of Contents – Where’s the Sex in The Walking Dead Game? – Spoiler Alert: Stories Are Not Spoiled by ‘Spoilers’ – The same held true for mysteries. Knowing ahead of time that Poirot will discover that the apparent target of attempted murder is, […]

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Posters depicting movie and tv dance moves – Bad Toys II (Vimeo) – via Vuokko the girl genius The Showrunner Transcript: The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara Opens Up on Darabont’s Departure and Reworking the Series — Vulture – So now here’s a third situation where someone needs help. And do I need to be the […]

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Talk: The Rollicking Life of Larry Hagman – You will be reprising your role as J. R. Ewing when TNT shows its reboot of “Dallas” next year. You now admit that you drank quite a bit during the show’s first run. Is it fair to assume that you were buzzed in pretty much every scene […]