Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 26.04.2011 – 27.04.2011

  • Vieraana käsikirjoittaja Antti Pesonen « Neljäs näytös
  • The history and the rise of the supercut
  • Steve Park: Struggling for Dignity (1997) – "Being an Asian-American actor, I continue to struggle to find roles for myself that are not insulting and stereotypical. My career started with Do The Right Thing, I was a series regular on In Living Color, and I just finished working as a guest star on one of the highest rated shows on television ["Friends"], which brings me to my next point. Working with the people involved with this show was an extremely painful experience for me. A disturbing lack in generosity of spirit and basic human courtesy, in addition to a racial incident on the set, has forced me to speak out." via Jim Emerson's Scanners


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