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  • When the Spec Script was king (Vanity Fair) – Once derided as “schmucks with Underwoods,” screenwriters saw their stock soar to seven-figure heights with the advent of the frenzied “spec”-script market. That bubble burst in 2008, but will the schmucks rise again?
  • New Monty Python Movie Announced…With Robin Williams – ööh
  • Selections from FILM CULTURE Magazine (1955-1996) – Rudolf Arnheim "Art Today and the Film" (1966)
    Rudolf Arnheim "Who Is the Author of a Film?" (1958)
    Francois and André Berge "An Interview with Blaise Cendrars on the Cinema" (1976)
    Luis Buñuel "A Statement" (1960)
    Guy L. Coté "Interview with Robert Breer" (1962/63)
    Jerome Hill "Brakhage and Rilke" (1965)
    Jerome Hill and Guy Davenport "Stan Brakhage and His Songs" (1966)
    Ken Kelman "Film As Poetry" (1973)
    Richard Leacock "For an Uncontrolled Cinema" (1961)
    Charles Levine "Interview with Robert Breer" (1973)
    Willard Maas "Poetry and the Film: A Symposium" (1963)
    Taylor Mead "The Movies Are A Revolution" (1963)
    Martha Merrill "Black Panthers in the New Wave" (1972)
    Walter S. Michel "In Memoriam Of Dimitri Kirsanov, A Neglected Master" (1957)
    Toby Mussman "Early Surrealist Expression in the Film" (1966)
    Ron Rice "Dazendada Works" (1965)
    Ron Rice "Foundation for the Invention and Creation of Absurd Movies" [PDF]
    Mark Segal "Hollis Frampton/"Zorns Lemma" (1971)
    Gregory Springer "New Improved George Landow Interview" (1976)
    Donald Sutherland "A Note on Stan Brakhage" (1962)
    Parker Tyler "Stan Brakhage" (1958)
    Parker Tyler "Declamation on Film" (1961)
    WFUV Radio Symposium "On the Nature and Function of the Experimental (Poetic) Film" (1957)


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