Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 27.11.2013 – 6.12.2013

  • Silta ja erilaisen hahmon kirjoittamisen taito
  • The Survival of American Silent Feature Films: 1912–1929 – via @selfstyledsiren
  • Pulp Friction of the Hollywood Trade Magazines – Over at The Wrap, Sneider posted “What’s the Deal? Stop Trying to ‘Change’ the ‘Fifty Shades’ Castings—It’s Pointless!” He laments to me that he is putting all his energy into casting stories. “But casting gets hits. Whether it’s Miley Cyrus, Ben Affleck, or Dakota Johnson, it’s all about getting that name in a headline.” Which should lead anyone who believes information is power to ask a basic question: In an era that often values “stickiness” and the almighty click-through more than accuracy, analysis, or context, has the race to be first put meaningful entertainment journalism on the endangered list?


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