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Silta ja erilaisen hahmon kirjoittamisen taito – The Survival of American Silent Feature Films: 1912–1929 – via @selfstyledsiren Pulp Friction of the Hollywood Trade Magazines – Over at The Wrap, Sneider posted “What’s the Deal? Stop Trying to ‘Change’ the ‘Fifty Shades’ Castings—It’s Pointless!” He laments to me that he is putting all his energy […]

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Richard Kelly talks about making Donnie Darko and all that jazz – Nikki Finke and Jay Penske’s Business Romance – Millaisen ikärajan Leijonasydän saisi eri maissa? –

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Darling Nikki [Finke]: New Yorker Profile Sparks Profane Response – jatkoksi edelliseen Why Hollywood fears Nikki Finke (The New Yorker) – Hollywoodin tärkein bloggaaja New Yorkerin jutun kohteena Charlie Brooker: I'm not buying these things for myself any more. I'm hoarding them for future generations. – DVD and book purchases fall into two main categories: […]