Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 8.01.2014 – 9.01.2014

  • Elvis Mitchell interviews Steve McQueen about 12 Years A Slave – MITCHELL: It was great seeing Michael K. Williams turn up, too. I'm guessing you were a fan of The Wire …

    McQUEEN: Oh, yes, huge fan of The Wire. Michael was only on the set for a short time toward the last few days of shooting, when everyone was feeling a little bit fatigued. But he just lifted everyone's game and brought this energy and this focus … Everyone just stood up straight. He's an incredible actor and his presence was electric.

  • Comedians’ Split Personalities – Chaplin read long, boring books out loud and rehearsed the tragic roles he harbored secret ambitions to play.
  • Meet Jordan Belfort, the Real Wolf of Wall Street – “I always felt if I had more, then I’d feel good,” he says. “I think the more I had, the worse I felt. We all have these holes, right? The problem is, there’s some ways we plug those holes that are sustainable. Going out and fucking twenty whores every night—it was fun when I did it, but that’s not really sustainable.”


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