Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 14.02.2013

Thirty-six hours on the road — and in the bar — with exiled TV genius Dan Harmon – Quentin Tarantino looks back: ’Reservoir Dogs’ a father-son story – DuckTales invented a new animated wonderland—that quickly disappeared – via @liisaleh David Fincher and the making of House Of Cards – Foodfight, a terrible CGI film some […]

Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 15.12.2009 – 16.12.2009

Are directors overrated? Filmmakers shed light on their real power (WashPo) – "Directing is tone," Jason Reitman concludes. "And tone is the hardest thing to explain to someone. It's like how you know you're in love with somebody." Alle 100 äänestäjää riittää Oscar-ehdokkuuden saamiseen – The numbers may seem paltry for such an accolade – […]

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