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How We Made the Random Oscar Winner Generator – Marjane Satrapin kissakauhuelokuva vaikuttaa lupaavalta – Steve McQueen on 12 Years a Slave – “The person I have the most sympathy for and most empathy for, of course, is Patsey,” McQueen clarified. “But I have huge sympathy for Epps because he’s in love with Patsey. The […]

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Oscar Nominated Screenplays 2014 – The Early Days of Computer Animation – One open secret then was that many CG houses kept traditional artists on staff as insurance. Abel had a Disney-trained traditional 2D effects animator named Sari Gennis. The team nicknamed her the Evans & Sari. On certain jobs, if the computer systems failed […]

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Lick the Star (Sofia Coppola, 1998) – YouTube – Sofia Coppola's directorial debut. You can see the origins of her later feature films, which primarily deal with young girls trapped in gilded cages. Back to the Future II’s Terrible Newspaper – Movie Scenes of the Past in Real Life New York – Miesten välisiä keskusteluja […]

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In Star Trek: Deep Space 9 no-one uses social media – As I watch everyone interact on the station, the lack of social media sticks out hugely to me simply because it is how so many of us interact with each other now–and especially over long distances. There is no hashtag for DS9 workers to […]

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The incredible attention lavished upon the Academy Awards demands it be singled out as a meaningless and misleading worst offender – The Collegial Cutting Room Collaborators of Joe Dante, Part 1 – Part 2: http://blogs.indiewire.com/pressplay/13e368d0-3e72-11e1-97b6-123138165f92 How did 2011’s Sundance films fare at US box office? – olen noin niin kuin periaatteesta lipputulouutisointia vastaan, mutta tämä […]