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Casino Royale: discovering the lost script – In response to the growing popularity of Bond, Feldman turned to Ben Hecht to write a script for Casino Royale. Known as "the Shakespeare of Hollywood", Hecht was a novelist, poet and playwright who had written or co-written several classic scripts, including The Front Page, based on a […]

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Just think of Glengarry Glen Ross we could have had, oh so very easily, if Mamet had Tarantino-ized his script – kenellä on vapaa-aikaa? Jean-Pierre Jeunet: Micmacs-traileri – bluray ilmestyy näemmä Ranskassa maaliskuussa 2010 UPular Remix (YT) – Skynet Symphonic (YT) – Comprising nothing but small sounds recorded from James Cameron's 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day', […]

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