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Charlie Kaufman’s 2011 BAFTA and BFI lecture (pdf) – Screenwriters On Screenwriting: The BAFTA and BFI Screenwriters’ Lecture Series in association with The JJ Charitable Trust Charlie Kaufman, 30 September 2011 at BFI Southban 6 Sci-Fi Movie Conventions (That Need to Die) – Comedy Year 2011 in Review Splitsider – Doctor Who Timeline Infographic –

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What's it like to work as a screenwriter on the 4th season of a TV show – There we were, the first week with almost all new humans, kicking about Leverage ideas. Downey and I were originally concerned going into the new year with a mostly new staff. What we hadn't anticipated (but should've) was …

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Writer’s Style: Walter Hill – Music videos: effects highlights | fxguide – a look at the winner and nominees of the recent MTV Video Music Awards for Best Special Effects, along with other notable music videos from Bjork and The Wombats. FILM CRITIC HULK EXPLAIN ACTION SCENES! –

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28 Pages Long – Sheila O'Malley on acting that scene in Hunger – It is hard to imagine that what he is saying were ever words on a page, and that, to me, is always the mark of an extraordinary performance. Dan Harmon walks us through Community’s second season, part 1 of 4 (The A.V. …